The photographer, videographer, and image editor behind Captured Fire, Daniel Davies is based in Liverpool and has been active as a photographer for the last decade, he has had work published in several magazines, including TVS and DefCon, he has also been published in the Independent. Other clients include Minskys Hair Salon and the European Youth Parliament, for which he worked as session photographer during their Liverpool sessions. A selection of his work was exhibited as part of the Liverpool Biennial during the cities year as European Capital of Culture in 2008. The exhibition was nominated for a DaDaFest Award for Visual Arts. More recently his work was exhibited as part of the 2010 Liverpool Biennial. He has had considerable experience with still photography format ranging from 35mm Film to 5x4 large format, and from Medium Format Film to the latest Digital SLRs. He also has extensive experience working with Photoshop through time working in the computer game and new media industries, where he has worked on projects for clients including the BBC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, The North West Development Agency, North West Vision and Media, and the Technology Strategy Board.

Daniel is also experienced using Motion Picture equipment, ranging from Super 16mm Cine film cameras, to High Definition HDCAM Digital Cinema Cameras and various small format Tape, Disk, and Solid State HD video cameras through work in the film industry. He worked as a Camera Operator on Bones (a short film commissioned by Northwest Vision, as part of the Virgin Shorts program), He was also involved with Space Freaks : Dance or Die, A UK Film Council Funded Sci-Fi film as first unit camera operator, GlideCam Operator, and Lighting Director. He has extensive experience working with available light, as well as Artificial Light sources including Studio Strobes, and portable Speed Lights for stills photography, as well as continuous light sources having worked as Lighting Director on Bones, Space Freaks : Dance or Die, and for the green screen team on The Dagger, and as a Lighting Consultant for a Liverpool based Television Studio. He also performed the role of director of photography, and editor on a music video for the song, When I get low, I get high! performed by the Flamin' Mamies which was filmed, recorded and edited in the space of a single week for the Abandon Normal Devices Film Festival. Code